Belmont Agricorp. Inc., a longtime supporter of #Agrilink, will be showcasing its latest agricultural equipment and technologies at Agrilink, Foodlink, and Aqualink 2022. Belmont shares our vision and commitment to helping the Philippine agricultural industry strengthen its supply and value chains through sustainable #FarmMechanization.

For more than 40 years, Belmont has been representing leading agricultural companies and equipment lines from around the world, helping the #poultry and #swine sectors in the country address production, #biosecurity, and #sustainability. In addition to their incubators, feeders and waterers, brooders, #TunnelVentilation equipment and automatic feeding systems, Belmont also supplies and distributes carry-bagged and bulk grain storage, ship-and-barge unloaders, commercial dryers, and feed-milling technologies.

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