Exhibitors List

List of Exhibitors


As of August 25, 2023

162a Abomar Equipment Sales Corp. John Deere Tractors
156 Ada Manufacturing Corp. Agricultural Machinery(rice,corn,harvester, farm tractors)
186 Agri Component Corporation Agricultural Machinery
181 & 186 Agrifield Multi Trade Corporation Agricultural Products
204 Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Government Agency
336-339 Alatone Plastics Inc. Plastics Products
340-345 All Certified Equipment Trading Corp. Agricultural Machinery, Farm, Tractors, Genset, Engines, irrigation, etc.
264-265 Amazon Manufacturing Corp. Poultry Equipment
138 Amazon Manufacturing Corp. c/o Amazon
6,69,71 Amazon Manufacturing Corp. c/o Amazon
329 Animal Kingdom Foundation Farm Animal Welfare Advocacy
24 Aqua Add On Systems, Inc. Water Treatment Systems, Pumps
26 Asuki Weighing System, Inc. Digital Weighing Scale
228, 236 Australia Farm Innovations, Inc. Prefabricated, Agricultural Buildings
47 Bank of the Philippine Islands Agribusiness Loans, Sustainable Development Finance
Beijing Shengyu International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Exclusive Agent from China
168 Belmont Agricorp, Inc. Tunnel Ventilation System Fans, Incubators
57-59 Biosolutions International Corporation Aquaculture, Agriculture, Livestock
286-287 Bising Trading Post Ashitaba Tea,  Assorted Herbs and Pots
296-299 Bitrade, Inc. Poultry and Swine Equipment
23 Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) Government Agency
263 Cimech Systems Industries Inc. Boiler Vessel Manufacturer, Steam and Condesate piping, parts & servicing
126 C L A A S Farm Machinery, Tractors & Harvesters
282 Clearwater Farming Systems Corp. Dosaltron dosing pump, water treatment systems, dosing syringes
285 Colent Marketing  Phils., Inc. Iwata Aircooler, Industrial Fan, Home & Kitchen Appliances
267 Dale Starr Enterprises Co., Inc. Pressure Water, Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Cleanses
3-5 David Swine Artificial Insemination, Inc. Boar Semen, Pig supplies and Equipment
96, 174 Department of Agriculture Government Agency
374-375 DOST – Pcaarrd Agricultural, Aquatic and Natural Resources Technologies
25 Duratech Building Materials Inc. UPVC Thermoplastic
376-379 DYD Refrigeration Systems, Inc. Cold Storage, Insulated Panels, Refrigeration Equipment
46 Eastern Wire Manufacturing, Inc. Gabion, Mattress, Poultry Cages, Cyclone Wire, Hog wire
316, 318 Easy Bio Philippines, Inc. Hog and Poultry Feeds
319 EDL Farms & Feed Manufacturing, Inc. Pekin Duck Meat, Livestock and Dairy Products, Aquaculture Farm Products
330 Encam Agri Marketing Foliar Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner, Farm Inputs
32 Engelhart Manufacturing Corp. Imperial PVC Roofing and Pipes
258-259 Entrepouch Product Packaging
31a Everani Farm/8327 Enterprises Farm Supply
320, 322 Euroasiatic Philippines, Inc. Coaled Fired Boilers, Oil Fired Boilers, Gas Turbines
35 Exome Holdings Pte Ltd Manufacturing biotech products with specific focus on agriculture
295 Facco Poultry Equipment Turnkey Provider of Poultry Housing & Equipment
323 FAS Development Corporation Woven Sack, Greenhouse Film, Packaging, Egg Trays
250 Filtration Solutions, Inc. Equipments
1 First Philippine Scales Inc. Weighing Products and Services
150 Floatech International Inc/Green Heat Corp. Aquaculture Cages Products
54-55 Fruit South Africa Fresh Fruit
276-277 Golden Leaf Trading Corporation Ricemill Machineries, grain dryers, rice milling fabrication
80 Go Traktora Trading, Inc. Sonika Tractors, John Deere Tractors, Mower Corn
132 Grains Innovation & Solutions Co. (Grainsco) Farm Machinery, Agricultural Drones
260-261 H & E Enterprises, Inc. Post Harvest Equipment
244 Inoza Industries Inc. Supplier of Pre fab Structure
278 Integris Agro Industries, Inc. Grain Dryers, Complete Poultry Building
381 Johnwealth Laboratories Corp. Veterinary Medicines, Gamefowl Supplements
90, 180, 188, 196 Kamico/Fitcorea Korean Pavilion
79 Karcher Inc. Professional/Industrial Cleaning Machines such as high pressure cleaners
1 Keruilai Marketing Aircooler
332 Kings Sports Equipment Corp. ATV Motors
192 Kubota Phils., Inc. Agricultural Machineries
319 L.A. Agro-Industrial Technik Corporation Grain Dryers, Biomass Furnace, Rice Mill Equipment, Feed Mill Equipment
370-373 Machineworld Phils, Inc. Food and Packaging Machineries
290 Mcbride Corporation Manufacturer of Quality P.E.T Bottles
33-24 Megasamsotite Inc. Plastic Crates & Packaging
331, 333 Mega Sk Industrial Corporation Industrial Equipments and Agricultural Machineries
280 Meral Enterprises Veterinary Drugs and Equipment
279 Midsouth Cebu Sewing Machine Sewing Machine Equipment
53 National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc. Hog Farming
334-335 Netaphils Inc. Drip/Sprinkler Irrigation System
260,262 NeoviaPhilippines, Inc. Complete Feeds (Swine Poultry), Aquaculture (Shrimp & Fish Feeds)
60-66 Nisco Phils. Ent. Bottle Filling Machine, Food Processing and Packaging Machines
262 Paragon Ahmma Premiere Corp. Complete Set line of Poultry and Piggery Equipment
291 PFESCORP Food Service Equipment, Agricultural Equipment and supplier
52 Philippine Association of Feed Millers, Inc. (PAFMI) Association of Feed Millers Machineries
72 Philippine Center for Harvest Development & Mechanization PHILMECH
51 Philippine Chamber of Agricultural and Food , Inc. PCAFI
50 Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry PCCI
56 Philippine Mango Seedling Farm Corp. Seedling of Mango and Fertilizer
Philippine Seed Industry Association Seeds Pavilion
308-311 Allied Botanical Corporation Wholesale of Agricultural Supply
312-315 East West Seeds Co., Inc. Hybrid Vegetable Seeds and Seedlings
346-351 Harbest Agribusiness Corporation Multi-purpose tillers, Cultivators (hand tractors), Shredders, Drone, Plant Nutrition
304-307 Haverson Enterprises High Value Vegetable and Flower Seeds and Japan made sumisou,Tube Irrigation
358-360 Bayer Philippines, Inc. Seeds and Crop Production Products
353 Enviro Scope Synergy, Inc. Agricultural Inputs (Fertilizer, Insecticides & etc.) & Distributor
354-357 Pilipinas Kaneko Seeds Corporation Vegetable Seeds
36-43 Ramgo International Corporation Agricultural Products
352 RJIK Zwann Vegetable Seeds
359-361 Seedwords Philippines, Inc. Hybrid Rice, Vegetable and Corn Seeds
364-365 Plastimer Industrial Corporation Manufacturer of Plastic Crates, Thermoforming, Blow molding
284 Plastmann Industries Corporation Manufacturing of Plastic Materials Handling Products
53 Pork Producers Federation of the Phils, Inc. (Propork) National Organization of Commercial  & Backyard Swines raisers
49 Powertech Asia Pacific Inc. Power Equipment Generators, Solar Panels
212 Prime Agritech Corporation Equipments and Buildings
44a-45 Ro-Ann Veterinary Manufacturing Inc. Manufacturing of Veterinary Products
302-303 Rojun Agro Development Corporation Poultry Equipment
321 Roxx Moto Atv Farm Trailer
70 Rural Bank of Angeles, Inc. Agricultural Loans
120 Santeh Feeds Corporation Natural Feeds for Aquaculture
114 Sarimanok Poultry Feed Products
292 Schalen Sales Corp. Weighing Scales & Packaging Machine
67-68 SEAFDEC Aquaculture
324-327 Sentinel Plastic Manufacturing Corp. Plastic Crates, Poultry Handling Solution, Primary Packaging
7-10 Seven L Agrifood Systems, Inc. Poultry Equipments Distributor
301 Siam Water Flame Co., Ltd. Climate Controller
30-31 Sinobest Refrigeration Inc. Professional Consulting, Sales, Engineering and Services Industrial Refrigeration
294 Skiold Landmeco A/S Poultry Equipment
293  Skov A/S Ventilation and Farm Management
44 SL Agritech Rice
220 Teamagri Industrial Corp./VAL-CO Poultry and Pig Equipment
366-369 Texha Global Fzco Poultry Farming Equipment
300 Tractorco Company Inc. Agricultural Machinery
288-289 Turbulent Drip Sales Inc. Greenhouse and Irrigation Materials
256-257 UCM Group of Companies Inc. ATV Motors
48 Unagro Pest Control
108 Unahco Manufacturer of Poultry Agriculture and Farm Supplies
28-29 Unigrow Philippines Organic Fertilizer in Sachets Seeds, Seedling Tray
380 Valmont Irrigation Australia Pty Ltd Manufacture and Servicing center pivots & linear irrigation machines
162b Villar Sipag Farm School
266 VSM Technical Consultants Feedmill, Turnkey Construction, Installation and Supply of Complete Equipment
Yanmar Philippines Corp. Tractors
328 Yuzuak Makina Ith., Ihr San Tic. A.S. Irrigation Sprinklers


As of August 25, 2023

28 Agritv/Visivo Productions Media
1 Agrifoodhub Market Linkage
60 Ancorp Healthy World Inc. Water and Air Purifier
83 Anihan Technologies, Inc. (AniTech) Carbon  Dioxide, Oxygen, Light, Temperature, Humidity, Soil Temperature
48-49 Buymixx Rice Meals
Department of Agriculture Government Agency
84 Department of Agriculture Region 1 Government Agency
52 Department of Agriculture Region 3 Government Agency
2, 56 D Famous Red Box (Polland) Hopia and Rice Meal
25 ECR Cards Marketing Bank of the Philippine Islands Credit Card
58-59 Edwin S Santiago Enterprise Corp. (Agrimac) Agricultural Machineries
40-41 Ellen Foodhouse Rice Meals
70 Engseng Food Products Tower Yema, Frozen Durian/icecream/yema
37 Gourmet Farms Lettuce, Culinary Herbs, Coffee, Dressings
66-67 Hopia King/Eng Bee Tin Hopia, Chinese Delicacies
47 Evelyn’s Catering Rice Meals
33-36 Evergood Plastic Industry Inc. Plastic Ware
116 G.O. Unique Charcoal Stove
74 79 JCG Marketing Group Inc. Equipments Solutions
72 Junni Industries Inc. Hope Pipes and Fittings
73 Kai Tian Trading Inc. Agricultural Machineries
55 King Sue Ham & Sausage Co., Inc. Ham & Sausage
45-46 Kitchen City Catering
124 Lemon Feels Beverages
62 Majestic Ham & Food Products, Inc. Whole Bone Ham
118 Mang Ambo’s Packaging Packaging and Printing
120 Manang Joy Ilocos Empanada Ilocos Empanada and Sausage Meal
85 MangoKing Dried Mango
80 Manila Bulletin Newpaper
64 MCS Beauty & Wellness Product Shop Alkaline Water Purifiers
71 Mindanao Agriplus Corp.
68-69 Otium Health Care Co. Chair Massage
104-105 Orbit Co. Inframed Sauna Machine
31 Paymaya
111-113 Pearlstar Plastic Products Manufacturing of Plastic Products
117 Perenne Marketing Services OPC Metrobank/Union Bank Credit Card
22 Postharvest Horticulture and Research Center (PHTRC) Association
16 Rich-Paul Agri Supply Co. Agricultural Supply
115 Spicae Marketing (Security Bank) Credit Card
25 Triple AR Marketing Services (BPI Bank) Credit Card
30 Triple AR Marketing Services (RCBC Bank) Credit Card
32 Vedasto Leather Goods Corporation Assorted items from cow hide leather
65 Vegetari Vegetarian Products Plantbased Snacks
121 Waffles & Soda Corporation Food Snacks
2-12 Young Farmers Association Association

As of August 25, 2023

51-135 Agri-Aqua Network International (AANI) Association
9 Akita’s Insecticides Trading  Insecticides
25, 16 A Ancheta Machine Trading Mini Combine Rice Harvester, Tiller(Agricultural Equipment Machine)
Department of Agriculture Government Agency
10 EDL Farms & Feed Manufacturing, Inc. Lives Goats & Sheep
19, 22 Ever Rich Agri Supply Inc. Agricultural Supplies
23-24 Farm Ready GG Seedling Corporation Vegetable Seedlings, Ready to Plant, Ready to harvest
27 Gloria’s House of Goto Lugaw & Food Meals
4 Justino Corporation Farming Equipment; Light Construction Equipment
2 Kainitz Corporation Bowa Biomass, Bowa Products
3 Rigid Machineries & Mill Supply Corp. Water Pumps, Water Pumps Accessories
20-21 Sunelec Photovoltaic Solutions Inc. Lorentz S1-200 Solar Water Pumps
26 Waffles & Soda Corporation Snacks Food
1 Wychwood Food Corporation Greenhouse


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