#FarmMechanization helps improve the efficiency and performance of the farm’s operations, lowers production costs, and mitigates postharvest losses — especially so in the Philippines, where we need to sustainably grow our #FoodProduction as we confront global market disruptions and the effects of climate change.

At Agrilink 2022, farm mechanization technologies, machineries, equipment, and inputs will be on display, with GRAINSCO showcasing their innovative drying and milling solutions.

GRAINSCO distributes agricultural equipment, specializing on industry-scale rice production. They carry various brands for postharvest machineries, equipment, and accessories. They help farms with individual, standalone machines, replacements, upgrades, and large, turnkey installations.

To learn more about Agrilink, Foodlink, and Aqualink, visit https://agrilink.com.ph.