Valco Companies, Inc. will be showcasing its latest #AnimalAgriculture and #FarmDevelopment technologies at #Agrilink, Foodlink, and Aqualink 2022, the largest and premier trade exhibition on #agriculture, food, and aquaculture in the Philippines.

VAL-CO is a US-based manufacturer of high-performance commercial farming systems, components, and equipment for poultry and hogs. VAL-CO’s technologies range from automatic climate control, feeding, watering, housing, flooring, weighing and scaling, egg collection, nesting, and ventilation to biosecurity. At Agrilink 2022, VAL-CO will be joined by Team Agri Industrial, an exclusive distributor of VAL-CO’s poultry production systems and products that are designed to fit the needs and requirements of broilers, breeders, turkeys, and ducks here in the country.

Visit to learn more about VAL-CO’s agricultural products. For more information about Agrilink, visit or send us a message here on Messenger.