DA-PHilMech of the Department of Agriculture – Philippines will showcase its latest technologies, inputs, and machineries at #Agrilink 2022.

Among these is the award-winning, PhilMech-developed fluidized bed dryer, which can handle large volumes of wet grains with high levels of impurities. This technology is designed to help small and medium-scale farmer cooperatives and associations to increase their drying capacity and reduce losses brought about by typhoons.

PhilMech is mandated to generate, extend, and commercialize appropriate and problem-oriented agriculture and fishery #postharvest and #FarmMechanization technologies, practices, and systems to fellow Filipino farmers, fisherfolk, and #agribusiness owners. PhilMech has various research-driven and partnership-based programs aimed at increasing the country’s agricultural efficiency and productivity while mitigating losses and adding value to the agriculture and fishery sectors.

Learn more about PhilMech’s projects and success stories at https://philmech.gov.ph. For more details about Agrilink, Foodlink, and Aqualink, visit https://agrilink.com.ph.